Special qualities in the Brecon Beacons

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10 reasons why the Brecon Beacons is a special place...

Brecon Beacons National Park offers peace and tranquillity - places for quiet enjoyment, inspiration, relaxation and spiritual renewal...

  • A feeling of vitality and well-being that comes from enjoying the park’s fresh air, clean water, rural setting, open landscapes and locally-produced food.
  • A sense of place and cultural identity - ‘Welshness’ or 'Cymreictod' - characterised by the Welsh language, religious and spiritual connections, unique customs and events, traditional foods and crafts.
  • Unspoilt historic towns and villages, family farms and the continued practice of traditional skills developed by local people who live and earn a living here - such as common land practices and grazing.
  • A sense of discovery where people can explore the park’s hidden secrets and stories such as genealogical histories, prehistoric sites, medieval rural settlements, early industrial sites, local myths and legends and geological treasures.
  • The park’s sweeping grandeur and outstanding natural beauty including marvellous gorges and waterfalls, classic limestone geology with caves and sink holes, contrasting glacial landforms such as cliffs and broad valleys carved from old red sandstone and prominent hilltops with extensive views in all directions.
  • A working, living ‘patchwork’ of contrasting patterns, colours and textures comprising well-maintained, farmed landscapes, open uplands, lakes and meandering rivers punctuated by small-scale woodlands, country lanes, hedgerows, dry stone walls and scattered settlements.
  • Access to the park’s diversity of wildlife and richness of semi-natural habitats, such as native woodlands, heathland and grassland, natural lakes and waterside habitats, ancient walls and hedgerows, limestone pavement and blanket bogs including those of national and international importance.
  • In the context of the UK, it offers geographically rugged, remote and challenging landscapes.
  • Enjoyable and accessible countryside where you can enjoy walking, cycling, fishing, horse riding, water based and other forms of sustainable recreation, adventure or relaxation.
  • An intimate sense of community where small, pastoral towns and villages are friendly, welcoming and retain a spirit of hospitality.

Keeping it special - the role of the Authority

About the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority